Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fit For a Queen

The very talented Miriel Enfield and Nicky Ree have worked with us in a collaboration on a Snow Queen look. Miriel did the hair and crown, Nicky, the gown, and of course, we did the skin. I'm really pleased with how ALL of our work turned out. Collaborations can be so much fun, it's really great to get extra feedback on your work and the process causes you to stretch your wings a bit in ways you normally wouldn't.

Now to take care of odds and ends. For those of you wondering, we will be doing a December release, we've just fallen a bit behind so it will be out late. The contest for Name That Skin is closed and we will announce the winner in the next day or so. Thank you everyone for participating, we are overwhelmed by your responses! It's going to take us a day just to sort through all of them. I will announce the winner in both group notices and my blog. Thank you once again, guys.

Hair: Winter Hair-Ice by Miriel Enfield
Eyes: Predawn (Big) by Miriel Enfield
Crown:Snow Queen Crown- Silver by Miriel Enfield
Gown: Snow Queen by Nicky Ree


moo Money said...

Woman, this is gorgeous! Great job!

Arianna Psaltery said...

STUNNING! BEST Winter piece of the season :)