Sunday, December 16, 2007

An Invitation

The sim will open at 1pm PST for group members and then to the public at 3pm. The rules for the ticket hunt are available on a sign placed just inside the main entrance and to the left. The hunt will be on for 24 hours. In addition to free skins for both men and women that can be won in the hunt, we've scattered a few other gifts throughout the sim.

We've created a slew of new skins, shapes, and a new automated gift card system. I'll be posting about them in the coming days.


Arianna Psaltery said...

This looks absolutely awesome! First the Muse Sim and now yours :D

Rosemina Lusch said...

Can you pretty please make some of those new skins darker? It's hard for us non-pale gals to find gorgeous skins!! Thanks!