Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soirée It Is! [Vivant Photos, Week 2]

First my apologies for the delay in awarding the Week 2 winners of the Retiring Vivant skins contest. RL intervened :(

On to the good stuff! There were lots of nice entries this week, including some wonderful ones from last week's winners and of the Basic series of Vivant skins, but my eye kept returning to 3 images that showed off the Soirée makeup in 3 very different ways. So without further ado -- the winners of this week's "Retiring Vivants Contest" are . . .

Rosie Barthelmess wearing Soirée 2 in Buff
Freyja Nemeth wearing Soirée 3 in Bronze
Liana Arai wearing Soirée 3 in Buff

There were other wonderful Soirée photos, but these spoke to me of the range of expression possible starting with the Soirée makeup -- from elegance with ears and piercings, to a glorious gilded room to a moment of solitude in Cuba. Each winner will receive a L$500 Fleur Gift Card as soon as I can get online :)

Remember that this week's photos will be due on Wednesday evening, 5pm SLT and, hopefully, a swifter posting of the winners. Post 'em at

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Rosie Barthelmess said...

Hooray, thank you and congrats to all the winners!