Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Eyes Have It! [Vivant Photos, Week 1]

UPDATE: We are now awarding a L$500 Fleur Gift Card to the avatars whose photos are published in the blog during this contest. Roslin thought I was being too cheap LOL. So now it's not just fame, it's also fortune :) Enjoy!
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Here are the choices made from the first week's Jolie Fleur Flickr photo stream of our about-to-be retired Vivant skins. You didn't make it easy! And the "eyes" did have it :)

The three images shown below go into the pool that you all will vote on for the prizes to be awarded on the release of the new Fleur skin line. [expected in September]

Congratulations to... [from left to right]

Noena Merlin wearing Fleur Vivant Feline 2 (buff)
Grazia Horwitz wearing Fleur Vivant Natural 2 (buff)
Fury Stapleton wearing Fleur Vivant Pin Up 1 (buff)

If you didn't get selected this week, please resubmit for next week. Same conditions apply. Show off the Vivant skin to its best :) Post by Tuesday evening and those selected to be published in the blog will be posted the next morning.

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