Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mrrrrooooooow! (Vivant Contest -- Week 4)

This week you were purrrrrfect. While there were many wonderful photos to choose from, Roslin's Feline makeup emerged as the winner, specifically makeup #3.

Without further ado, but with a big *mew* -- here are the winners!
Top: Gabby Panacek wearing Feline 3 in Bronze
Bottom Left: Firedragon Bellios wearing Feline 3 in Blush
Bottom Right: Gaia Granada wearing Feline 3 in Bronze

Since I am away from SL this week, look for your L$500 Fleur Gift Card to come from Roslin Petion!

REMINDER: Next week's contest is for Fleur Clothing. Just turn left from the landing point and you will find the Fleur Clothing Boutique. We'll be looking for interesting locations that show off our clothing. So start scouting and snapping! More information when I return home on Saturday!

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Firedragon Bellios said...

Wow...thank you so much!