Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Winners Are... [Vivant Photos, Week 3]

Y'all sure know how to make my task both pleasant and difficult -- so thanks! Seriously -- all of us at Fleur are enjoying the ways in which you are showing off our retiring Vivant makeups.

This week Soirée snuck in again, but not without some sturdy competition from Basic Nude and Pin-up. The winners are:

Umbra Lunardi wearing Soirée 3 in Buff, along with a wowser of of outfit.
Aislinn Grizot in Basic Nude 1 in Almond, with probably a bad headache from that cage.
hyasynth Tiramisu showing off Pin-up 3 in Cream, along with her horns and hya outfit.

Bien fait! They will be receiving their L$500 Fleur Gift Cards inworld shortly.

And Week 4 commences ... where will this end? Nobody knows ... but feel free to resubmit from the previous week if you wish as we're always willing to take a second look!

1 comment:

hyasynth tiramisu said...

i love you Sam, but that's totally me!! not Emmanuelle LaFollette *giggles* *bleats at you*