Friday, August 01, 2008

A Fond Farewell .... to some Retiring Vivant Skins

Nope, none of the Fleur team is going anywhere, but 12 Vivant skins are going to be discontinued upon the launch of Fleur's new line of skins in September. And they are on sale for 50% off until then.

BUT they deserve a proper send-off don't you think?

So a slightly different kind of Flickr contest. Post your "Bon Voyage" to your favorite about-to-be-discontinued skins on our Flickr. About once a week I, Samara Barzane, will do a blog post including a few of your photos that I like especially.

PLEASE label them with the skin name, number and tone.

The skins eligible for this contest are .... Natural, Vin, Glam, Feline, Soiree, Pinup, Rose, Basic Nude, Basic Red, Basic Pink, Lalique and Just Lips

You may post up to 5 pictures a week while the fun lasts :)

At the end there will be a poll where YOU decide which three photos that I have posted do the departing skins the most justice. There will be prizes :)

Let the homage begin!

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