Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Sure Did!

We asked you to SHOW OFF SHOUJO and you certainly did. So much so that, in addition to the three winners, there are 2 honorable mentions, who will receive a L$250 Fleur Gift Card. Just enough to buy a nice dress or a sale Vivant.

The winners showed off Shoujo in many creative ways. So here they are!

Shoujo Winners [L$500 Fleur Gift Card]
Nissa Nightfire feeling fantastical wearing Shoujo 6 in Lily
Guuguu Ghia purring in Shoujo 4 in Lotus
Noena Merlin dreaming in Shoujo 5 in Lotus

Shoujo Honorable Mentions [L$250 Fleur Gift Card]
Cordi Biddle in your face in Shoujo 6 in Lotus
Sakuradawn Lei looking lovely in Shoujo 6 in Lily

Congratulations to you all!

But that's not all!

Those of you following the Jolie Fleur contests know that one of the best photographers out there in our part of the metaverse is Grazia Horwitz. And she does wear her Fleur so very well. So we have decided to award her with "Jolie Fleur Hall of Fame" status. What does that mean? Stay tuned *winks*

Here she is in Shoujo Lady Edwina in Lotus .

1 comment:

Nissa Nightfire said...

Yay! I'm so excited -- especially as it was my first contest, and everyone had such great photos! Thanks for all the fun, Samara & Ros. Grazia -- you are definitely a master - this is a gorgeous picture :)