Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Show Off Shoujo! -- Our New Flicker Contest and SALE!

Our new Flickr Contest, week 6 of our countdown to the new skin release, asks you to SHOW OFF SHOUJO. To help you along there is currently a sale on Shoujo Boutique skins at Fleur, including the Nicky Ree collaboration ones, but, alas, not the Black Swan. Although you can certainly post Black Swan pictures to the contest.

Shoujo, while anime inspired, is a very versatile look -- The Nicky Ree Collaboration skins show that for sure:) So SHOW OFF SHOUJO -- we're looking for atmosphere, your outfit, location -- whatever approach expresses YOUR view of the Fleur Shoujo Boutique skins! Fell free to resubmit an earlier photo from the pool to this contest.

Photos are due in the Jolie Fleur Flickr pool by 7pm SLT, Friday, September 12.
Prizes will be L$500 Fleur Gift Cards, which, with the also ongoing Retiring Vivant Sale, will buy 2 Vivants for you!


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