Monday, September 08, 2008

Clothed in Fleur [Week 5 Flickr Contest]

This past week we were looking for you in Fleur clothing -- just taking a brief break from the retiring Vivants -- and you showcased the beautifully designed and made Fleur clothing better than we imagined :)

The winners were: [please click on the photo collage for the full-sized image]

Ran Garrigus for his wonderful recreation of "Singing in the Rain," wearing Fleur's Men's Charcoal Suit. [A freebie at the previous train station build]

Rack Brautigan, for creating atmosphere without a specific location, wearing Effervescent in Black. [Her photo made me go buy the dress :)]

and second time winner,
alerbic_b, for her character creation of "Lardine", who is wearing Fleur's Juillet Dress in Sky as she meets her fate. [Be sure to read the sad tale on the Jolie Fleur group Flickr page.]

Congratulations to you all! You will receive your L$500 Fleur Gift Card shortly :)


Nohae said...

I coudln't find the flickr group page and was curious about finding the same black curly hairstyle as seen in the third picture to the right, with the flowery colourful dress. Anyone knows ? :)

Rack Brautigan said...

Wow, thanx!
Btw that "without a specific location" is my photosphere. Windlight simply refuses to work on my laptop without crashing, so most of my shoots are indoors. ^^

Catero said...

Love Ran Garrigus's "Singing in the Rain" photo.

I've worn the suit freebie from the opening launch of the Fleur sim and received nothing but compliments about it.

CJ and Ros, (more) men's clothing, please. If the freebies you give away solicit such a response, I'm sure that a few men's items in the clothing store would be a success.

Paul said...

The hair I used is "Mrs Lovett" by Crimson and Clover, owned by Rikka Koi