Monday, September 22, 2008

Parfait Indeed!

Our Hall of Fame Jolie Fleur, Grazia Horwitz, has selected this week's winners! So without further ado -- here are her choices :) [Interestingly enough all are wearing Parfait Deux #3 in Vanilla]

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1) Halfpint Pennell – Apple picking in Fleur
I picked this photo because it does the most justice to the skin. I’ve always found Parfait to be a happy face, and Halfpint just wonderfully captured the girlish beauty.

2) Dot Lane - Is That A Pistil Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Dot’s photo cracks me up. It is just too funny. Besides it reminds me of Blind Melon’s No Rain [] , which is still one of my favourite songs.

3) Achariya Maktoum - Parfait at Home 01
Achariya has a pretty unique style, and I love to read her blog, even if her style is so not my style. Parfait is one of the skins I like best on her avie, and this photo just shows it off beautifully.

Aside from the Fleur gifties for this weeks winners, I’d like to contribute something too, and I will be contacting you in world with a nice pose pack. Thank you, Roslin, CJ and Samara too, for inviting me to pick this weeks winners!
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You are more than welcome Grazia -- sure made my job easier LOL

And a BIG CONGRATS to the winner, who will be receiving their gift cards shortly.


Auntykuro said...

hee! yay, thank you for the vote. i love the other photo entries too. everyone looks lovely in fleur skins.

Dot Lane said...

Thank you so much!

Samara Barzane said...

Well you all were stunning!