Monday, September 01, 2008

Celebrating Fleur Clothing!

The current Jolie Fleur Flickr Contest asks our group members to clothe themselves in Fleur. As group admin I can't enter, so I thought I'd share three of my favorite Fleur outfits with you, hoping you too will want to enter the contest! Prizes will be Fleur Gift Cards for the photo or photos that best show off Fleur's clothes, plus publication of your photo in the Fleur blog.

On the left is the "Mai" swimsuit. It comes in this modest version as well as a more midriff-baring one. The detail is the quality you expect from anything Fleur -- clean design, matched seams and a prim skirt that fits :) Shoes are the Office Fling Slingbacks in Blue. On the right is "Avril", a lovely strapless dress in flower-petaled lavender [remember what they say about April showers ;)] I de-pouffed the system skirt a bit, but otherwise perfection! Nobody does a system skirt better than CJ Carnot, I wager :) The dress comes with a small sweater, but I opted for the bare shoulder look.

In the middle is something old and new. Recently Fleur released their popular Desk Set Suit in Lilac, Pink and Seafoam. I'm wearing the latter. Again the system skirt is superb -- just look at the ruching, but what you can't see is the perfect zipper on the back of the skirt. Details are a Fleur hallmark for sure! The system top has wonderful ruffles that don't require an attachment point and don't require adjustment. Sometimes simple is good!

Shoes for Avril and Desk Set are the Satin Slingbacks in Black. Hair is ETD Patricia in Apricot, skin is Fleur Vivant Basic Pink 2 in Buff [one of the current sale skins at Fleur] -- necklace is MiamMiam's Feather Pendant Necklace and Earrings.

To find the Fleur Clothing Boutique either turn left at the landing point or look for the teleport at the door of the main store. Pictures for the contest are due to the Flickr Group by 5pm, SLT, Friday, September 5.

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