Sunday, November 23, 2008

Announcing Our "Fleur Insiders"

After careful consideration of the applications we received from avatars wishing to be considered for the honor, we have chosen the first group of Fleur Insiders. [original post here]

Without further ado we introduce:

Row One: hyasynth Tiramisu, Aislinn Grizot, Caer Balogh, Gabby Panacek
Row Two: Dot Lane, Madison Carnot, Serenity Innis
Row Three: CronoCloud Creeggan, Elaine Lisle, Titania Tigerpaw, Helena Stringer

All of us at Fleur are looking forward to workings with the new Insiders as they represent Fleur Skins in SL (tm) Please congratulate them!


CronoCloud said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to all the Fleur Insiders and I'm very honored to be chosen.

ClassTax Xue said...

Ooh, wow! Gabby!! <3

Congrats to all!