Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's *ALMOST* Time -- New Skins, New Build at Fleur

**We are now OPEN!** Here's your limo :)

In two hours, at 2pm SLT, the Fleur sim will reopen its doors to you. CJ has outdone himself again with a New York City/Soho build. It *is* winter and the snow is falling so bundle up a bit ;)

Each of our skin lines now has their own shop AND there is a bargain basement. Price points have changed a bit. Allure and Boutique skin lines are now L$1000, including the new Parfait Trois and Shoujo Da ni ban makeups AND the new Shoujo Azalea skin tone we have been telling you about. Vivants remain at L$500, BUT some older ones are nicely discounted at L$250 in the Bargain Basement. Just follow the arrow!

You will find the Gothique & Drow Vivants in their own shop along with the Allure China skintone skins. There is also a small selection of ~silent sparrow~ goodies thanks to the kindness of hyasynth Tiramisu. She has included the Suzume dresses that go with the Suzume Allure China skins.

Additionally we are hoping to debut a new gift card system today that gives you a big discount when buying more than one skin. Rather than the old 3 packs, you will now be able to select your own 3 pack at a discount. I'll give you more information as soon as I can get it out of the very busy Mr. Carnot.

See you in a bit!

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