Friday, November 07, 2008

Looking for a Few Good “Fleur Insiders”-APPLICATIONS DUE TODAY!

**REMINDER: Insider Applications are due TODAY Thursday, Nov. 20 by 9pm SLT to Samara Barzane**

If you need an Allure skin you will find Kitten & Smokin' at our store at
Muse, as well as the full range of China skintone makeups at ~silent sparrow~

* * * * * * * *

As part of the Divas premiere anticipated at the end of the month and the release of a number of new skins at that time, Fleur is inviting interested and qualified avatars to apply to be a “Fleur Insider.”

This is an opportunity to get special Insider benefits, such as advance betas, custom skins, exclusive invitations and the possibility of expressing YOUR “Fleur Style” on our blog. In return you ask that you represent Fleur as Ambassadors to the metaverse. Only a few will be chosen for this honor.

** Please follow the application process below. **

Put everything, labeled with your name, in a folder labeled “Fleur Insider -- 'your name' and submit to Samara Barzane by Thursday, November 20 by 9pm SLT.

PLEASE Direct all questions to Samara Barzane. Complete Applications will be given preference.



Please Include
1. 3-4 full perms shots in our skins, including a full body, a full face and a semi-profile. At least ONE shot must be in one of the Allure skins, preferably more.

2. A short statement on why you want to be a Fleur Insider, why you think you would be a good one, why you are passionate about Fleur. Explain how you would categorize your personal style. What role do you see for yourself as an Insider? How would you take advantage of/put to use the privileges of a Fleur Insider membership.

3. Have Fleur in your profile picks BEFORE you submit your application.

4. Any work affiliations with other Second Life ™ fashion content creators should be listed.

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