Friday, November 14, 2008

ALLURE Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight SLT!

Of course we shop at Fleur for the wonderful skins created by the amazing team of Carnot & Petion, but an additional treat that comes with working for Fleur is watching CJ Carnot's masterful building skills. And we're in for another treat I promise you!

On to the Fleur News:)

Tonight [Friday, November 14] at Midnight SLT the Allure 50% off sale ends and the Fleur sim closes for 2 weeks to prepare for a new build AND the release of some exciting new skins in the Boutique Skin line. Target date for the reopening is timed for November 28 in conjunction for the Divas' Fall Premiere. [Divas, for those of you who are not familiar, is a very entertaining SL "soap opera" video series starring many SL fashion luminaries.]

So if you still need Allure skins to take your photos for The Allure of a Diva Flickr Contest that ends on Nov. 28 or to apply for the Fleur Insider Group, today is THE day! And .. at 50% off the price is right! Please ask any of our talented and helpful Customer Service Assistants for help in deciding! They are: Noena Merlin, Fury Stapleton, Cordi Biddle, Umbra Lunardi and Rosie Barthelmess.

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