Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Allure Sale Continues Until Friday!

Yes lovely ladies--the Allure 50% off sale continues until THIS coming Friday, November 14. ALL Allure skins are on sale from Bare to the new China tone that is flying out of the store. At that time the store will close for 2 weeks in preparation for some wonderful changes at Fleur, timed to the Divas' Premiere at the end of the month.

So get your Allures, take your pictures and enter them in The Allure of a Diva" Flickr Contest, by submitting them to the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group.

If you need help choosing contact Samara Barzane or one of the other lovely and skilled CSAs, Fury Stapleton, Cordi Biddle, Umbra Lunardi, Rosie Barthelmess or Noena Merlin.

Also please remember to submit your Fleur Insider Applications to Samara Barzane by Thursday, November 20 by 9pm SLT.

Here is a link to full information about this special opportunity.

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