Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do You "Dig Ophelia"? We Do!

The latest and, alas last, makeup in the current Vivant series of skins has just been released. Here's what Roslin Petion has to say about the inspiration for the makeup.
"As soon as I saw hyasynth Tiramisu's homage to cello rock band, Rasputina, I was smitten. Her "How We Quit The Forest" ensemble artfully marries Victorian and punk influences that inspired me to create a matching makeup named after another Rasputina song. "Dig Ophelia," which will be the last regular Vivant release, features a saucy beauty mark , lush lips, and lids with just a touch of shimmer. It is available in 6 skin tones and 3 makeup variations created to compliment the various colors in hya's set."
Having had the privilege of previewing the three makeups I can safely say that Roslin and CJ have done it again -- creating a summery forest-friendly release that you will want to wear!

Come on over and take a look -- you won't be sorry! Prices are L$500 for a single skin and L$1200 for all three makeups in a tone. Fleur Main Store


melorasminion said...

Dear Roslin and CJ
I work with the band Rasputina and they are very excited to hear about this make-up and would like to be able to get in touch with you. Please email me contact info at
Howard Wuelfing
Howlin' Wuelf Media o/b/o Rasputina

Rosie Barthelmess said...

Oy! Thrilled to see a new makeup but AMAZINGLY SAD to see it's the last Fleur makeup. I am SO in love with these skins, and I think I honestly have every single makeup in my skin tone. If not every one, very close to every one.

Thank you for another new release.

Tanya Book said...

Me and @Amelia_Book were just lamenting that this will be the last of the Vivant skins, but we look forward to your next line.

Dot Lane said...

The skins are great Ros and CJ! Rhere is a group here in Boston that is called the "Cello Chix". I saw them play and suggested they rename themselves "Cello Kitty"...they weren't amused. I will have to look up Rasputina!