Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please Give Us a Piece of Your MInd!

Below is a questionnaire that Roslin & CJ would like you to fill out for them. They want to know what YOU like in a skin -- so help them out please and hurry the new skin line along :)))

Please drop the completed Questionnaire on TaP Shepherd. Nice prizes will be awarded on the release of the new skin line later this summer.

Please complete the questionnaire below, put it in a notecard and drop it on to TAP SHEPHERD in world.
All completed questionnaires will be entered for a prize draw to be held on the release of our new skin line.


1. What is your favourite aspect of our Vivant skin ?

2. What is your least favourite aspect of the Vivant skin ?

3. Name your favorite skin brand other than Vivant ?

4. What is your favourite aspect of this other brand?

5. What is your least favourite aspect of this skin brand?

6 Tell us which other skin brand has the best of the following features and why you like them:

a Brows:
b Makeup:
c Nose:
d Mouth shape & texture:
e Body Shading overall:
f. Feet:
g. Genitals:
h. Cleavage:
i. Bottom:

7. Do you prefer skins with a lot of character in the face or with a more neutral face ?

8. What is the most you've ever paid for a skin and which was it ?

9. What would make you choose a more expensive skin over a cheaper one ?

10. What extra features help you decide to buy a skin (ie: freckles, facelight, lashes, mod, etc) ?

11. Do you buy multipacks if they're discounted over single skins ?

12. How often do you buy new skins ?

13. What would make you buy skins more often ?

14. Where do you usually hear about new skin releases ?

14. Please give any other comments, suggestions & feature requests you have for our next skin line.

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