Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have our winners! Again it was hard to choose, but in the end we selected three that we thought fulfilled the theme nicely. Thanks again for making us work hard ;)

So without further ado may we present The BATHING BEAUTIES of Fleur!

FIRST PLACE [and winner of a L$2400 Fleur Gift Card]
Aslinn Grizot wearing Fleur Vivant Laura in Buff

SECOND PLACE [and winner of a L$1200 Fleur Gift Card]
Noena Merlin wearing Dig Ophelia 3 in Buff

Willow Caldera wearing Marni 3 in Buff

The winners will receive their prizes shortly. Pictures will also be placed in the Fleur mainstore, after CJ & Roslin release the belts -- yes those wonderful belts you have been seeing on the blog will be out shortly.

Thanks again to The Bathing Beauties of Fleur!

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