Friday, June 20, 2008

The Belts are Here!

Today is the day to go take a look at Roslin & CJ's new system layer belts that you've been seeing on the fashion feed recently! They are the answer to a fashionista's prayer. No more tweaking prims just to have your AO make you look sliced in half *grin*

These belts are provided on both the jacket and shirt layers for easier mixing and matching. You can use them to dress up a plainer outfit or to pull an outfit together. We're sure you'll find many uses for these style gems. Need I add that, with CJ and Roslin, the textures are rich and beautifully executed.

There are six wonderful styles, each is available in 8 colors that match the Fleur gloves. Most are worn at the mid-thoracic level [Thanks to Sasy Scarborough for that term LOL] They are L$100 each, but for L$500 you get the multipack, saving yourself L$300. They are now on sale in the Fleur clothing boutique to the left of the store landing point.

So come on over and get your solution to the belt problem now! Here's your limousine :)

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