Saturday, June 21, 2008

Parfait Boutique Skin Sale at Rue D'Antibes through Monday!

**Ends Tonight, Monday, June 23**

CJ Carnot must have gotten up on the right side of bed this morning, because when I suggested we have a sale at our Rue D'Antibes store he said YES!!!

ONLY the Boutique Parfait & Parfait Deux individual skins are on sale, and ONLY at the Rue D'Antibes store, but they are 50% off until MONDAY -- thus extending your weekend goodness.

Ssssssshh .... Roslin doesn't know about this ... so maybe you should hop over and grab the goodness before she does :)

He's also put out the wonderful new belts, not on sale, but buy several while you are there. Although they're small, they are mighty fashion statements, and only L$100. each, L$5oo. the multipack.

Your limo awaits:'Antibes/137/103/28

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