Saturday, December 27, 2008

Party "Paws"

Now that Santa has come and gone at the Fleur sim it is time to contemplate dressing for New Year's Eve. We hope you all partook of the Lucky Christmas Stocking, but life marches on.

There are marvelous dresses available on the grid, but very few creators make gloves and, for my money, Fleur makes the best. They are available in many colors, both basic and pastel. But this Holiday Season Roslin and CJ have released their fabulous gloves in a Brights Pack. Priced at L$100 per color and L$600 for the full shebang, these are a "must-have" for the holiday round of parties.

The colors include Lemon, Saffron, Cerise, Crimson, Violet, Electric, Cerulean and [not pictured] Emerald.

You will find the gloves in the accessories section on the first floor of the Fleur Clothing Shop, which is located to the right of Fleur Cinema. Or you can use the teleporters found in our lobby.


Ana Lutetia said...

*rushes over to get them*

/me suggests (long, medium and short) wool gloves.

Francesca Balogh said...

I love these gloves! A must have item as far as I am concerned...