Friday, December 19, 2008

Hand in Glove!

We've been getting requests for our gloves to be put back in the store. That moment awaits CJ's building acumen, BUT we can happily announce that our leather gloves are now on OnRez for your buying and wearing pleasure. You will find them here.

I've always admired the colors and textures created by CJ & Roslin for the leather gloves and with winter here in our part of the world [and on the sim], the long ones look especially appealing. So enjoy shopping on OnRez for now -- we'll tell you when they are back in the store!
* * * * *
Ssshhhhhh ... I've been told that Biba is on the way very soon ... After reading Roslin's blog I can't wait! Biba goodness harmonized with the nicely detailed Allure quality.


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