Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have You Been Good?

Coming very soon to Fleur over the Christmas holidays...The Fleur Stocking 'Lucky Dip'.

Lots of Fleur accessories to be won along with a jackpot prize of a limited edition Fleur Allure Biba make-up, that will never go on sale.

Watch this space to see when Santa has been to Fleur and left all these goodies behind.

Also New at Fleur

{picture from Fleur Insider, Caer Balogh}

CJ has been busy refurbishing the Fleur clothes store, which is now 2 stories high.

All accessories, including the Fleur gloves, can now be found on the ground floor along with new arrivals. The new "brights" include those perfect Holiday colours and come in 3 lengths. All other Fleur clothes are now on the first floor.


Happy shopping,


Emerald Glove credits:

Model & photographer: Caer Balogh
Skin: Fleur - Allure Biba #1 (Truffle)
Eyes: Miriel - Realistic Eyes (Dirty Blue)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: ETD - Ana (Chestnut)Gloves:
Fleur - Long Gloves (Emerald)
Hosiery: Axienne (Shiny Black)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Leeza V2 (Liquid)
Pearls: The Body Politik - Tahitian Pearl set (White)
Lighting: CG Facelight 4.1
Windlight: Sydney Pinion - Black box (5%)

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